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Workflow Solutions

Having Large A3 Prints

Not every company needs to print on A3 sized paper so why would you want to get one? Keep it simple and save ink and funds by using standard sizes. A3 paper uses double the amount of ink and time as that of a single A4 sheet and generally wastes a person’s time.

Single Sided Printing

Why would you waste paper by printing only on one side? You can track down who has been printing single sided pages. Make sure that you are printing on both sides of the paper to save the trees. You’ll also need to top up the paper tray less often if you think about it.

Sending Print Jobs to the Dump

Think before you ink! There are so many ways you could save paper. One of them would be to make sure that you check your document before printing it. Documents with mistakes will get tossed in the bin because a sentence wasn’t checked and corrected.

Printing with No Purpose

It would be unwise to print a document that can essentially be sent via an email. In the end the person is going to scan it to make it a digital copy to have access to the archive. Consider whether you really need to print the document or whether you can email it instead. Make sure that you don’t print everything you type or receive unless it’s absolutely necessary.